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    Striped Dice 500
    Striped Dice
    500 Chip Set
    Regular price: US$98.51
    Sale price: US$59.70
    Pro Clay Casino 500
    Pro Clay Casino
    500 Chip Set
    Regular price: US$221.35
    Sale price: US$146.35
    NexGen Pro 680 Fantasy Denoms
    NexGen Pro 680
    Fantasy Denoms
    Regular price: US$418.12
    Sale price: US$160.00
    NexGen Pro 500 Fantasy Denoms
    Nexgen Pro 500
    Fantasy Denoms
    Regular price: US$310.00
    Sale price: US$125.00
    Copag 1546 Blue/Red Wide Jumbo Playing Cards
    Copaq 1546 Jumbo Cards


    Welcome to Bluegate Poker Supplies, Asia's largest supplier to the home poker market. There aren't many of us left and we are slowly selling out of our stock as well. Learn more About Us. Learn more about choosing a poker set. Or even learn more about playing No Limit Texas Hold 'em.

    Before placing your order on the website, make sure we are in town. We ship throughout Asia from our stocked warehouse in Singapore using Singapore Post. If you are traveling through Singapore, we would also be happy to deliver your order to your hotel or office address.

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    About Bluegate Poker Supplies. Bluegate Poker Supplies is run out of Singapore and primarily serves Asia (Shipping Info). We can also deliver to your hotel or office if you are traveling through Singapore. Our Singapore Warehouse is centrally located only a 5km taxi ride from the Central Business District and major hotels. Please Email Us with any comments or questions. We look forward to being your home poker products resource in Asia!